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2018 Calendar Contest Winner

The winner is Libby McCown! Congratulations! Thank you to all the participants! Every penny raised goes to help care for the animals at Cascades Humane Society! Here’s your 2018 calendar lineup: Here’s how the final votes shaped up. Libby McCown 1514 Gus Gus Kerwin 1465 Buster Snoops Nevins 1445 Spirit Lovell 1369

Lovely Lily: the Cat with the Frostbitten Ears

There are still many folks that still believe just because an animal has a ‘fur coat’ that it will fare just fine in any cold weather. This is so not true. The most vulnerable parts of a cat or dog’s anatomy are their paws, especially the toes and pads, their tails, and

2018 Calendar Photo Contest

Does your pet have what it takes to be a model? The model search for the 2018 Cascades Humane Society calendar has begun! Freeland Photography will be scheduling photo sessions for Friday, February 24, Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26 to capture the perfect photo of your pet(s)! Our annual calendar contest is a

Franklin – The War Dog

Just imagine. You find yourself in war-torn Afghanistan, where just surviving the day is a struggle for all inhabitants, both human and animal. You’re down to the basics here. Is your family safe? Where is your next meal or clean water coming from? What now? Into this bleak scenario comes a sweet

What happens to our pets when we die?

We don’t like to think about these things, do we? So, very often, we simply don’t. We leave to chance the fate of the animals that we have loved and that have loved us so well. We say “My family members or friends will take care of them.” Really? Are you so

A Real, Live Fairy Tail

Once upon a time there was a very sweet—but very lost and confused–dog named James. It was clear right from the beginning that this dog was special. Some dogs just radiate that little, extra something that is hard to describe. It’s an undefinable heart thing. James was one of those dogs.  He just tugged