CHS Rescues 34 Dogs From a Puppy Mill

Dr. Wendy Serino, CHS’s veterinarian, examines one of the rescued dogs.

We always hate to get these calls, but when we do, we are ready to jump in and help.

On Wednesday of last week we were called to a Rome Township puppy mill to rescue dogs from horrible living conditions.

The dogs were living in un-insulated barns, lean-to’s or outside. The smaller dogs were paired up, living in tiny rabbit cages, stacked on top of one another.

Of the 200 total, CHS was able to take 34 of the dogs. The other dogs were divided between several other area shelters and humane societies.

Luckily, most of the dogs had access to food, but their water had frozen over. All of them were covered in mats and feces. Many of the dogs we rescued had fleas, incredibly long toe nails, and some even had open sores. At least half of them have no idea how to walk on a leash.

We are grateful that we, and the other shelters and humane societies involved, were able to step in and give these animals a better life. There were some animals there that were not so lucky. But these will no longer suffer in the cold, have their skin pulled from mats, and will always have access to fresh food and water, and all the love they could ever need. They will be medically evaluated and treated, socialized, and will eventually go into great homes who will love and cherish them forever. Their time in freezing temperatures, tight spaces, and wanting for basic needs will be a distant memory.

We are at capacity, as you can imagine! We have made room for these dogs but our staff, volunteers, and financial resources are stretched right now. If you can help in anyway, we would greatly appreciate it!

Monetary donations can be made by following this link. Financial gifts will help us make sure that every animal is vaccinated, disease tested, and spayed or neutered. Monetary gifts will also help us feed these animals (who are not technically ours yet!) and even perform special needs surgeries and treatments on the dogs that need them.

Want to help the pets in our care in another way? We are always in need of Science Diet pet food, Non-clumping cat litter, and interactive toys! Donation items can be brought to CHS during our open hours.


These dogs are still a part of the pending court case and are not ours to adopt out yet. If you are interested in meeting a new family member, check out our listing on our website (

One of the dogs had a horrible skin infection under his neck.
All of the dogs were in need of nail trims.
This poor dog, like each of the others, was badly matted and covered in feces.
A badly matted and dirty dog gets an exam.
Multiple dogs are stacked in small rabbit cages with food, but no water.