Forgotten Felines

Promoting compassion and humane care for Jackson County’s feral cat population

To help prevent overpopulation of feral (or wild) cats, Cascades Humane Society offers our Forgotten Feline program to Jackson County residents. The Forgotten Felines Program is a management plan in which feral cats in Jackson County are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated against rabies, and sterilized by a veterinarian. The cats are then returned to their familiar habitats under the lifelong care of a caretaker.

Program Details

  • CHS charges a $10.00 fee per cat to help offset the cost of each surgery.
  • Feral cats are wild, live outside and will not allow people to touch them.
  • Feral kittens must be at least three-months-old.
  • Only residents of Jackson County may participate in this program.
  • People wishing to participate in the Forgotten Feline Program can come to CHS to fill out the application and pay the fee prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • Feral cats must be brought to CHS in a live trap and will be returned to the owner in a cat carrier.
  • Participants can rent traps and carriers from CHS for a $50 credit card deposit that will be returned to them once the equipment is returned.
  • Participants will be given information on how to trap the cats safely, care for them, and then release them.

Program Funding

  • The Forgotten Felines program is supported by donations. Click here to make a gift online. Contributions can also be mailed to CHS at 1515 Carmen Drive, Jackson, MI 49202.
  • You can purchase a catnip pillow for $1 to help spay and neuter feral cats. See below to learn which locations sell them.

Help Feral Cats — Buy a Catnip Pillow!!

If you would like to help fund our Forgotten Feline Program feral, you can purchase a catnip pillow for $1 at these locations:

  • Animal Hospital of Vandercook Lake
  • Blackman Animal Clinic
  • Brooklyn Road Veterinary Clinic
  • Curves
  • Cascades Humane Society
  • Chelsea Veterinary Hospital
  • Columbia Animal Clinic
  • Creature Comfort Pet Resort
  • Howard’s Feed Store
  • Lane Veterinary Clinic
  • Personal Touch Grooming Salon
  • Pet Supplies “Plus”
  • Sandhill Crane Vineyards
  • Tractor Supply Company on East Michigan Avenue and Airport Road

All proceeds from the Cat Nip Pillows support Cascades Humane Society’s Forgotten Felines program. If your business would like to participate in this program, call (517) 787-PETS.