Surrender Process

At CHS, we understand that situations arise in life where you are unable to care for your pets. And for times like those, we are here for you. Since CHS is a no-kill facility, we will receive your pets based on kennel availability and behavioral assessment.

To place a dog or cat with Cascades Humane Society, please call us at (517) 787-7387 to confirm kennel availability and make an appointment. If kennel space is available, CHS will perform a behavioral assessment on your pet to see how social and healthy it is. If the pet passes the test, CHS will take in your pet and get it ready for adoption to a new family.

What you need to bring to your appointment:

  • Any health records from the veterinarian pertaining to the animal(s), i.e. spay/neuter certificate, vaccination history, rabies certificate, pertinent health information and past medical history
  • Any medications that the animal(s) may be taking including documentation from the veterinarian stating diagnosis and need for medication
  • The animal’s favorite toy, blanket or bed. This will ensure that the animals transition into the shelter and into the adopter’s home is less stressful.
  • Your driver’s license

Surrender Fees:

  • Cats: $30 each
  • Litter of kittens (minimum of 3 kittens): $55
  • Dogs: $40 each
  • Litter of puppies (minimum of 3 puppies): $65

CHS accepts Cash, Visa and MasterCard. Personal checks are not accepted.

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