A Real, Live Fairy Tail

james-c-192073Once upon a time there was a very sweet—but very lost and confused–dog named James.

It was clear right from the beginning that this dog was special. Some dogs just radiate that little, extra something that is hard to describe. It’s an undefinable heart thing. James was one of those dogs.  He just tugged at our heartstrings. Everyone here fell in love with this guy. He absolutely loved affection–often leaning into whomever was walking or caring for him.

But something about those eyes suggested a deep sadness. Right away we noticed that he had some trouble walking, occasionally stumbling and moving stiffly. He also seemed to have some trouble hearing, although he was not deaf. James just seemed lost. Yet those big eyes and happy grin made him irresistible.

This dog was a difficult dog to place: he was older, had serious ongoing medical issues and he was a Rottweiler mix.

james-bHe came in as a stray so we had very little information on him. We knew James was an older dog when he came to us—somewhere between the ages of 7-10 years old.  James’s temperament was completely mellow and friendly—kinda like your neighborhood Cocker Spaniel. But some folks are afraid of certain breeds by reputation—and Rottweilers are high on that list.

We learned that he had both Spinal Stenosis and an enlarged heart.  Spinal Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column that can cause weakness and pain from pinched nerves. An enlarged heart is symptomatic of the heart’s inability to pump and function properly—a possible sign of congestive heart failure.

Once CHS takes an animal in, we are committed to doing everything within reason to find that animal a proper home—no matter how long it takes. CHS does not euthanize any animals based on length of time that they are in our care.

James was going to be here until we found that right home for him.

And then it happened.

sharon-ruble-with-buckyJames had been at Cascades Humane Society since early May of 2016. One person had adopted James in late June of this year, but quickly returned him after her veterinarian examined the dog. They felt James’s ongoing medical issues might be too much to bear—both in financial and emotional expense.

It’s now mid-July of 2016—in walks Sharon Ruble, a longtime supporter and adopter of other special needs dogs from CHS. Sharon has a special place in her heart and home for older dogs that might need a little extra help. Sharon commented later that something told her to stop by CHS that day.

It takes a lot of courage to step up and adopt an older dog with health issues. Once we give our heart to an animal the sense of loss when it passes will be felt just as strongly as the loss we feel when we’ve had more time with an animal. It is the inescapable price of love.

Well, with James—this was love at first site! Sharon adopted James–now renamed Bucky. CHS just spoke with Sharon to find out how Bucky was doing. Sharon noted “Bucky’s doing great! He could be the most stubborn dog I’ve ever had, but he’s a joy. He always tries to play with the cats, but can’t seem to figure out that the cats can move much faster than he can. It’s a kick to watch! Bucky fits in perfectly with the rest of my animals. He’s doing just fine.”

Thanks Sharon, for your 100lb heart. Everyone here at CHS is happy about James’s forever home with you.